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Clery's clock is an iconic landmark located in Dublin, Ireland, attached to Clerys department store on O'Connell Street. The history of Clery's clock is intertwined with the history of the department store itself.

Clerys department store was founded by M. V. Clery and Co. in 1853. The store went through various expansions and renovations over the years, becoming one of Ireland's most famous and historic department stores. In 1922, during the Irish Civil War, Clerys was damaged and looted, but it was later rebuilt and reopened.

The clock that stands on the corner of Clerys became a well-known meeting point for Dubliners over the years. The clock has two faces—one facing O'Connell Street and the other facing Earl Street. Its prominent location in the heart of Dublin made it a popular spot for people to arrange to meet before events or outings.

Clery's clock has witnessed many historical events and changes in Dublin throughout the years. It became a symbol of the city, a meeting point for friends, and a reference point for directions. The clock's iconic status is also due to its distinct design and its association with the historic Clerys department store.

In 2015, Clerys department store abruptly closed, leading to controversy and protests. The closure marked the end of an era, and the fate of Clery's clock became a subject of concern. The clock, however, remains in place, and discussions have taken place about its preservation and the potential redevelopment of the Clerys site.