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The Usual ( Grogans )


Name: 'The Usual'

Grogans Pub, located in Dublin, Ireland, is a historic and iconic establishment with a rich history dating back to the mid-19th century. Grogans was established in 1899 by Tommy and Bina Smith. Originally, it operated as a grocery store, providing provisions to the local community. Over time, the business evolved, and they obtained a pub license, transforming the establishment into the pub we know today. 

After World War II, Grogans became a popular meeting place for writers, artists, and intellectuals in Dublin. The pub's central location, just off Grafton Street, contributed to its popularity among the city's creative community. It became a hub for discussions, debates, and artistic collaboration. 

Grogans has been associated with several well-known figures in the Irish literary and artistic scene. Writers such as Flann O'Brien and Patrick Kavanagh were known to frequent the pub. The establishment's walls are adorned with art, including works by the renowned Irish painter and illustrator Harry Kernoff. 

Grogans is known for its distinctive and unchanging atmosphere. The pub has maintained its traditional Irish pub ambiance, with dark wood furnishings, stained glass windows, and a snug area for more intimate gatherings.

The snug is a small, enclosed space within the pub that offers a private and cozy setting.throughout the years, Grogans has played a significant role in Dublin's cultural and social life. It has been a venue for art exhibitions, book launches, and other cultural events. The pub's enduring popularity among both locals and visitors is a testament to its cultural importance.